2013    current obsession: the archetypes (no 1)
2012    exposition: mirror, mon beau mirror..., nice-matin (july 22), fr icon
2012    tutto è progetto - everything is a project, inventario (no 4), it
2012    original copies: jewelry in print, metalsmith, usa
2010    intervenciones artísticas - la urbe como lienzo, reforma newspaper
             (october 17), mx icon
2010    home magazine (no 5), ru
2010    generation n: is it easy to be young?, salon magazine (january), ua
2009    urban jewellery, la vie magazine (november), jp icon
2009    twee huizen verliefd laten worden, de morgen (october 19), be
2009    indesign, intro magazine, bg
2009    creative class van 2009, bright magazine (no 29), nl
2008    impossible gods. in between: notes from nepal by sophie krier,
             damn magazine (no 18) icon
2007    how to wear a chair,