LEZING Conversation Pieces: Visies op sieraden
Spui 25, Amsterdam
Dinsdag 12 november 2019

Liesbeth den Besten heeft me uitgenodigd om over mijn werk te spreken tijdens haar lezing georganiseerd door de Kring Kunstgeschiedenis en de Amsterdamse Universteits-Vereniging. Het programma begint om 20u; in het Nederlands; gratis toegang. Meer informatie en aanmelden via Spui 25.

Workshop Urban Ethnic Jewellery & Urban Mining
Kuopio Academy of Design & Savonia University of Applied Sciences
25-27 April 2018

Last year, Finland has taken the top spot in the Attractiveness Index for Mining Investment. The attraction, according the Annual Survey of Mining Companies, lies in the geological presence of minerals and metals and the willingness of the government to encourage exploration and investment. There are currently more than forty active mines in Finland, from which precious (gold, silver, etc.), base (copper, zinc, etc,) and high tech metals (titanium, lithium, etc.) are extracted. The nearest mine of Kuopio is only a twenty minute drive away, located in Siilinjärvi.

The human impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems is for the first time in history so significant that scientists have come up with a new name for this epoch: the Anthropocene – derived from the Greek words anthropos meaning human and kainos meaning new. The increasing awareness that the Earth’s resources are not infinite has led, among other things, to Urban Mining. The idea behind this initiative is that we no longer only extract raw materials from the earth but from our cities. For example, there is more gold to be gained from one kilo of mobile phones than from one kilo of average ore.

In this workshop, we will stretch the idea of Urban Mining as far as possible and discover how we can extract materials from our immediate surroundings. We will turn ourselves into urban miners and dig up the most ‘valuable’ materials from an environment that is located close to us.

Wearing Spaces Seminar
Konstfack, Fine Art & CRAFT!, Stockholm
15 December 2017, 9:30 - 15:00

Lecture Multi-Jewellery
Central Saint Martins, London
22 November 2017

Lecture & Workshop Emotional Archetypesk
Tongji Design Week, Tongji University, Shanghai
21 & 23 October 2017

‘Emotional Archetypes’ is a one-day workshop under the guidance of Pieter Elbers and Liesbet Bussche that revolves around the ability of objects to communicate. How can we communicate if we don’t speak the same language? Can archetypal objects express emotions? Is design or art a universal language? We will explore this subject through a hands-on approach and 3-D sketching with material.

Lecture & Workshop Chinese Whispers
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin
10 - 14 October 2017

The world is globalized. One of the consequences is that it is much easier to get in touch with jewelry designers from other countries, even from other continents, both online and offline. You gain inspiration and you broaden your references but you are also more influenced. There is a risk that you get a specific image of jewelry you have to comply to.

Jewelry speaks a universal language and is embedded in all cultures. That is the power of jewelry. At the same time, it has a strong cultural-related language hidden in signs, materials and techniques that can only be understood by a particular group. In my opinion, the latter must be cherished by the next generation of jewelry designers. Hence, the starting point of this workshop is the history of ancient Asian jewelry. Through two different approaches – hands-on and conceptual – we will work on the individual interpretation of archetypal Asian jewelry. The main goal is to develop and deploy a strong personal visual language with references to your own culture, which can be further elaborated in your body of work. The workshop will be concluded with a presentation.

How can you add a contemporary interpretation to your artistic practice by referring to the appearance of Asian jewelry? Is there a need to escape this tradition or can it be incorporated in a contemporary and individual way?

Lecture Graphicall
4bid Gallery, OT301, Amsterdam
11 December 2016

Aanstaande weekend vindt ‘GRAPHICALL 2016 - International Printmaking Exposium' plaats, een weekend gewijd aan grafische technieken. Het evenement vindt plaats in de galerie van OT301 en bestaat uit een tentoonstelling, workshops en een symposium. Tijdens dit symposium, op zondag 11 december, geeft sieraadontwerper Liesbet Bussche een lezing over twee projecten uitgevoerd bij AGA Lab. Ze vertelt over haar artistieke benadering en onderzoekende werkwijze van de grafische technieken cyanotypie en foto-etsen, waarin ze concept en inhoud verbindt met beeld en techniek. Van harte welkom!

4bid Gallery, OT301, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam
Tentoonstelling: donderdag 8 t.e.m. zondag 11 december: 17u-21u
Workshops: vrijdag 9 en zaterdag 10 december: 12u-17u
Symposium: zondag 11 december: vanaf 12u

Lecture Articulate Research Days
deSingel, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp
28 October 2016

Short presentation on Friday October 28th at 16:30 of 'En passant: de kunstenaar als reiziger, de reis als kunstwerk' during Articulate, a three-day research festival organized by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the Royal Conservatory Antwerp.

Lecture Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp
15 October 2016

Following the publication of my book 'En passant: de kunstenaar als reiziger, de reis als kunstwerk', I'll give a presentation at the Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair on Saturday October 15th at 11:30. The presention will be held in Dutch.

Workshop Sint Lucas Venezia
Venice Biennial, Italy
1-8 November 2015

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp celebrates it's 75th anniversary! The kick-off of all the festivities is in Venice. 90 students of different departments will work for one week in the city, followed by a presentation of the workshop outcome at the Venice Biennial. As researcher of the Jewellery department, I will lead the workshop '198' together with my colleague Ruth Loos. More information can be found on Sint Lucas Venezia.

Lecture & workshop Oslo
Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway
12-14 October 2015

From 12 till 14 October I'm in Oslo at the Kunsthøgskolen to give a lecture about both my own work and the work I do as researcher of the Jewellery Design Department of St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. With the students of Metalwork & Jewellery I will work on a 'One Day, One Edition' magazine.

Lecture & workshop Triple Parade
Kuopio Academy of Design, Finland
2-4 October 2015

After the well received Triple Parade event in Tianjin/China, the Triple Parade exhibition will now be on show in Kuopio/Finland. The works 'Gold Hill', 'Sapphire' and 'Hänger' from the series 'Jewellery with a story: Gerardus Mercator' (commissioned by the Coda Museum Apeldoorn) are exhibited alongside the works of other Belgian, Chinese and Finnish designers. For The Kuopio Academy of Design I will give a lecture and a workshop: 'FIN-ject, the Finnish quintessence of an object'.

Lecture & workshop Triple Parade
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, China
21-24 May 2015

The Jewellery Design department of St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp takes part in Triple Parade, an international jewellery festival that runs during the Tianjin Design Week 2015. Together with five other Belgian jewellery designers, I present my work at the TAFA Art Museum (20 May - 29 May), next to work of Chinese and Finish designers. Besides the exhibition, Triple Parade also hosts two keynote lectures (20 May), an international symposium (21 May) and two workshops (23 & 24 May). As representative of the Belgian delegation (together with Hilde De Decker) and as researcher at St Lucas Antwerp, I give a lecture at the symposium and lead one of the two workshops: CH-ewellery, the Chinese archetypes.

Lecture at Re-Public Jewellery Seminar
Galerie Handwerk, Munich, Germany
13 March 2015

On Friday March 13th, I will give a lecture at the seminar Re-Public Jewellery, organised by From The Coolest Corner. The talk will focus on the artistic outcome within the last two research projects of Sint Lucas Antwerpen Juweelontwerp. The seminar takes place during Schmuck in Munich, at Galerie Handwerk. It starts at 10.00 and ends at 15.00. Other speakers are Yuka Oyama, Nanna Melland and Helen Carnac. I hope to see you there! Liesbet

P.S. The seminar is free of charge, but requires a registration with the Galerie Handwerk (Max-Joseph-Straße 4, Munich). Please register via email galerie[at] or phone +49-89-5119-240 or -296.

Lecture & workshop
Staatliche Zeichenakademie, Hanau, Germany
11-13 March 2013


Lecture Over Sieraden
O.P.A., Arnhem, The Netherlands
20 December 2011

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Guest teacher Gerrit Rietveld Academie
B-Side Festival & Rietveld Uncut, Amsterdam, The Netherlands