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On show at Interieur Extra (Kortrijk, BE), Open days St Lucas University College of Art & Design (Antwerp, BE) and the International Art Jewellery Fair Sieraad (Amsterdam, NL)

With the project GLUE/GLOSSY, students and lecturers of the Jewellery Department of St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp wish to ensure that art jewellery occupies a more prominent place in our everyday lives. Pictures of jewellery designed by students were printed on stickers which were then used to dress up the men and women shown in this magazine. It emerges out of past research projects by the department that jewellery made by artists needs a lot of time to reach a wide audience. This contrasts with accessories designed by hip labels and is in fact virtually unavoidable when you consider that the media only show examples of classical and fashion jewellery. As young jewellery designers, we believe that repeated exposure to new ‘examples’ in the media will lead to greater awareness of art jewellery and will strongly influence its acceptance. Taking a playful approach, GLUE/GLOSSY aims to promote art jewellery as something natural to wear.

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